PA & Lighting Hire

​​G & J Promotions has a quality PA available for hire. See specifications below. Email or phone for availability & quote

Front of house (stereo):
• 2x EV MTL-2B Double 18” subs (2000w each)
• 4x JBL PRX625 double 15” & horn (1500w each).

• 4x 15” and horn 200w wedges.
• 1x Australian Monitor double 15” & horn 600w drum fill.
• Ability to control your in ear monitoring with your ipad or iphone.

• 24 Channel Presonus Series 3 digital desk.
• 16x Aux sends available for foldback and/or in ear monitoring (IEM to be supplied by the band).
• Ability to record multitrack of live performance for later mixdown.
• Shure microphones.

• 24x Led Par 64 cans.
• 8x Moving head lights.
• Smoke machine. 
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