The Narrators

The Narrators are a four piece covers band bringing together a very solid and tight unit of fine and talented local musicians. With many years of experience between them, this outfit delivers each and every time they play.
Comprising of:
 SHARON GRIFFITHS - Lead Vocals; Backup Vocals
TREVOR MACKAY - Bass; Backup Vocals
CRAIG MORGAN - Guitar; Backup Vocals
MARK COLWELL - Drums; Lead Vocals; Backup Vocals

Coming from such bands as Witlaw, Fat Chance, Doctor Pepper and Vicious Circle, The Narrators have punch and a great sound.
With Sharon's diverse voice she is able to sing quite an array of genres with passion and gusto.
Trevor on bass, plays with a no frills approach and has his own distinct style.
Mark on drums compliments Trevor with a creative drumming technique and his strong vocal range makes the most challenging rock song possible.
Craig on guitar is a fine talent and he attacks any song with the confidence and flair that the other members admire.
The Narrators are a fine band with members that really enjoy what they do. Catch them at a venue near you.